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Are Pre-recorded and online fitness classes worth it?

2 July 2021


Are Pre-recorded and online fitness classes worth it??

In recent years there has been a huge increase in online classes especially since Covid, but are they beneficial?

Online classes are easily accessible and cost effective via You Tube, mobile apps and live streaming. If you are motivated and able to learn from visual instruction then it may be perfect for you. The physical benefit gained from an online class is dependent on your knowledge of the exercises, learning style and the quality of instruction.

The mental benefit gained could be invaluable depending on the person.

Benefits of pre-recorded fitness training:

  • Train in a setting of your choice.  Choosing a place to which you feel comfortable makes the thought of training less daunting, for those which struggle in groups and can’t afford Personal Training this could be extremely beneficial
  • Less expensive. In many cases the virtual training is free or incurs a small subscription fee.
  • No commuting/parking Saves time, fuel/parking cost and stress
  • Saves valuable time  More convenient in these busy times so the saved time can be spent on other tasks
  • Convenient you train at a time of your choosing
  • Reduces risk of catching Covid  These are unusual times and taking care of others and ourselves is important.  We don’t train wearing a mask so for those at risk or wary of catching the virus this could be the best option to train.

The advantages of Live online classes (as well as above)

  • If it’s a small well run class you will reap the same benefits as a regular lesson.

Disadvantages of pre-recorded fitness training:

  • Pre recorded training is recorded for the masses and does not’ take into account illness/injury, side effects from medication etc.
  • WIFI connection. – Unfortunately a slow/lost connection will disrupt the lesson
  • Distractions  – There is a chance you could be distracted by your phone, family, friends, pets, work etc
  • Risk of injury  – You could become injured due to poor instruction/execution of an exercise or from training within an area which isn’t suitable.
  • Training Equipment – If using equipment (weights, adapted equipment etc) is it serviceable and safe?  Is there enough room to safely manoeuvre??
  • No commitment – If you are not amongst peers, haven’t committed to lessons then there is a high chance all your best intentions will be lost and you stop training.
  • Repetition If you watch the same fitness recordings, the training will become stale and boring, your body adapts and you get fewer gains.  Also if you constantly work the same muscles over time it may cause an imbalance.
  • Lack of qualifications/experience Sadly not all Fitness Instructors are qualified and although they market the product well it isn’t always safe.

Disadvantages of Live online fitness groups (as well as the above):

  • Large classes It is all dependent on the size of class and ability of the instructor/coach – Have you ever been on a live streamed online group class with over 20 people and your microphone is switched off.  On completion of the class the link is switched off, for all we know someone could be injured or worst…
  • Exercises are not tailored – In many cases there would be several clients suffering with ailments or injuries and the instructor has failed to ask, therefore not fulfilling an insurance requirement and preventing the exercise from being adapted for those who need it.
  • Obstacles – Generally you are hidden from view and may be conducting the exercise incorrectly in a confined space, banging into furniture or any other potential obstacle leading to a risk of injury.

If you are a novice the best online group classes are a size of 5 or less.   You are all visible on screen and you are a name not a number.  The instructor will be aware if you have any ailments and should adapt accordingly

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