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30 July 2021

Benefits of Super Slow Controlled Exercises

Benefits of Super Slow Controlled Exercises Whether you are new to fitness or experienced there are numerous benefits with Super Slow controlled exercise, however this is not an exercise for you if […]

19 July 2021

Benefits of Core Exercises

Core exercises will benefit your daily living and fitness goals For a well rounded fitness regime it is important to include core exercises with your aerobic and muscular resistance training. Many of […]

12 July 2021

Physical Fitness and Physical Activity

This weekend is going to see most of the Nation glued to our TVs watching England bidding for their first major tournament in 55 years, the excitement of the Tour De France […]

7 July 2021

Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults

BENEFITS OF EXERCISE FOR OLDER ADULTS As we get older our ability to perform physical activity declines.  We fatigue quicker, are less able to lift heavy objects and movement slows. Physical inactivity […]

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