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WaynePT has years of experience and will guide and assist you towards your fitness goals. The training can be conducted in person or online again putting you at ease as you are able to choose your training environment. One of the key aspects of Personal Training is to ensure that you engage the correct muscle groups during the exercise. All exercises are explained and broken down, you are then coached throughout which reduces the risk of injury and enhances progression.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Confidence and self-belief stem from positive thinking, positive friendships and relationships and fitness training. Although we aspire to have more of both confidence and self-belief, we often struggle to find or obtain these traits.

We demonstrate the confidence and belief we have in ourselves in a number of ways; our behaviour, our mood and even how we carry ourselves. It’s common for individuals who lack self-belief and self-confidence to find certain areas of their life affected. Relationships can break down, careers can stale, lifestyle can become unbalanced and a positive state of mind can be undermined unless some action is taken to improve these qualities.

Confidence coaching is designed to help you raise your self-image and create a positive outlook on life, starting from within. Life coaching may be able to help you challenge your beliefs that you have about yourself, boost your self-esteem and help you build a strong and positive self-image

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